$728 million in subprime vintage debt just hit secondary market

Sales of subprime car debt securities up.. much of the activity in the subprime auto market seems to be just a normalisation," said David Goodson, head of securitised products at ING US.

 · Let’s walk through the math. Let’s say the original security was $100 million (which would be a very small RMBS). The AAA tranche would have cost $92 billion. If you have it at 70 cents on the dollar you paid approximately $64 billion. In my Armageddon scenario above, the security loses 25% or $250 million.

$728 million in subprime vintage debt just hit secondary market The worst payment problems have been among subprime adjustable-rate mortgages (subprime arms); more than one-fifth of the 3.6 million loans outstanding were seriously. than interest rate reductions.

the subprime market to capture the public spotlight. Indeed, the sudden shift in fortunes in the subprime market appeared to catch borrowers and lenders off guard. In addition, the spillovers from the subprime meltdown reached deep into financial markets, caus-ing substantial turmoil in the U.S. and abroad.

More importantly, these subprime auto loans are performing well within the expected range. Figure 2 displays the cumulative write-off rate (as a percentage of total balances) during the first six months after origination for borrowers with credit scores below 550, the deep subprime range, by vintage.

December job creation ‘remains healthy,’ grows by 151,000 Job creation increased by 151,000 in January, slightly lower than market expectations, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. In December, job creation grew by 292,000, cementing the growing.

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Mortgages get looser despite tighter regulations. $728 million in subprime vintage debt just hit. An Orgy Of Speculation – The Fed’s loose monetary. by getting back into lending, specifically the subprime business. After struggling to convince Ally Financial Inc.-which had taken control of its financing business after.

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The latest just released Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit from the New York Fed showed a small increase in overall debt in the third quarter of 2016, prompted by gains in non-housing debt, and new all time highs in student loans which hit $1.279 trillion, rising $20 billion in the quarter.11.0% of aggregate student loan debt was 90+ days delinquent or in default at the end of 2016 Q3.

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