CFPB targets zombie foreclosures

"The impetus is that we know from data out there that we have at least 500 foreclosures at any given time," said Lisa Pugliese, the village’s neighborhood services director. Homes that may be vacant.

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The consumer financial protection bureau (cfpb) reportedly is paying close attention to so-called zombie title foreclosures. "Zombie foreclosures result when banks begin a foreclosure – even.

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is probing "zombie" foreclosures, a phenomenon first revealed by Reuters last year, Michelle Conlin reports. Thousands of borrowers across the country were.

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According to a Reuters report, a CFPB official, speaking at a Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland conference last week, stated that the CFPB is beginning to take a close look at abandoned properties and "zombie" foreclosures. The term "zombie foreclosure" refers to a situation in which a borrower has moved out of a home after the lender has started a foreclosure but, because the lender.

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Zombie foreclosures also harm neighborhoods. When properties are vacant and show obvious signs of neglect, it can drag down the value of the entire neighborhood. These unattended homes are also susceptible to vandalism, squatters, and crime. Zombie Foreclosures in Wisconsin. In the case of The Bank of New York Mellon v.

. year designed to reform the state’s foreclosure process and address the state’s issues with abandoned foreclosures, also called zombie homes. New York has one of the longest foreclosure timelines.

CFPB Takes Aim at ‘Zombie’ Foreclosures. "The CFPB is beginning to look very closely at abandoned properties and zombie foreclosures," Maggiano said Tuesday at a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. "There is direct borrower harm if a borrower believes a foreclosure.

Episode 7: Wise Cash - Investing in Foreclosures CFPB targets "zombie" foreclosures. Borrowers don’t realize they still own their homes. March 14, 2014. HousingWire Staff. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is probing "zombie" foreclosures.