City council to vote on Richmond eminent domain proposal

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 · Now a new plan would only compound the folly, at least in the Bay Area city of Richmond, where officials seeking to boost the local housing market propose to take mortgages from private lenders through eminent domain. Richmond’s scheme, affirmed by a city council vote this week, is the brainchild of Mortgage Resolution Partners, a group of.

The RCW grants very broad powers to the MPD: purchasing, selling and condemning property; the power of eminent domain. city council that has the final say in what will be in the levy proposal. The.

Breyer agreed Wednesday finding the case premature since Richmond has not yet exercised eminent domain and might not do so in the future. Pursuant to state law, the city cannot move forward with the plan without a supermajority vote from Richmond’s City Council to use eminent domain. No such vote has taken place yet.

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Richmond voters defy Chevron coup.. the mayor’s proposal to use eminent domain to prevent foreclosures, City councilman jael myrick addresses the audience during a city council meeting.

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 · Richmond to move forward with eminent domain plan. By state law, that step would require approval by a super-majority of the council, or five members. While McLaughlin and council members Jovanka Beckles, Tom Butt and Jael Myrick voted for her measure, there does not currently appear to be the necessary fifth vote.

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