FHFA delays principal reduction ruling

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The activists cheered. She scolded FHFA chief Mel Watt for postponing action on principal reduction for struggling homeowners. "Evidently there is no need for delay, no need for further study, if the.

Edward DeMarco has opened up a new front on his war against principal reduction. On Thursday, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which DeMarco oversees as acting director, threatened to take action against local governments considering using the power of eminent domain to write down the value of.

Beginning October 15, 2016, loan servicers must begin contacting eligible homeowners about the Principal Reduction Modification program. They have until December 31, 2016 to do so, which means homeowners have a very narrow window to apply for a principal reduction. The FHFA estimates that approximately 33,000 homeowners will qualify.

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Washington, D.C. – The federal housing finance agency (fhfa) today announced that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will offer principal reduction to certain seriously delinquent, underwater borrowers who are still struggling in the aftermath of the financial crisis to help them avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes.

In its report, the GAO did not endorse principal reductions, but it did list numerous criticisms that have been leveled against the FHFA’s earlier analyses of the issue. In those analyses, the FHFA concluded that it was not in the best interests of taxpayers to allow principal reductions on loans owned by the two government-backed housing giants.

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"the statutory provision you believe prohibits the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) from allowing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to reduce mortgage principal in all cases"; and "the analysis you conducted, including the data you examined, demonstrating that principal reduction never serves the long-term interests of the taxpayer when.

borrower-homeowner under the Federal housing finance agency’ s (FHFA’s) Principal Reduction Modication Pro-gram(PRMP)anoticeinconjunctionwith a written Trial Period Plan (TPP) or, for a borrower-homeowner in an active TPP, a separate notice in a written opt-out letter outlining the terms and conditions of the permanent mortgage loan.

FHFA’s Watt Signals Decision Soon on Principal Reduction on March 22, 2016 Mortgage , Newsbytes The Federal Housing Finance Agency will announce within the next month whether it will implement a limited principal reduction program for underwater borrowers with mortgages backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, FHFA Director Mel Watt said today.