Goldman Sachs rolling in the benefits of a Trump administration

Goldman Sachs keeps popping up in the news after Donald Trump’s presidential win restarted an age-old tradition of presidents naming goldmanites to top spots in their administration, an article in.

On its first day, the Trump administration reversed an Obama administration. tax reform plan: three former goldman sachs executive s, Steve Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, whether any tax reform he proposes will benefit him or working Americans.. He has also proposed rolling back key advances in corporate.

Bloomberg News: The share price has rallied on optimism that the Trump administration "will spur trading and dealmaking, slash corporate taxes and roll back costly regulations after installing the firm’s executives in top government posts." Today’s news: Trump has nominated Goldman alumnus Jim Donovan to be deputy Treasury secretary.

Trump’s non-stop nominations and appointments of Goldman Sachs alumni have left his supporters stunned. Trump nominated Steven Mnuchin, a 17-year veteran of Goldman Sachs to be his Treasury Secretary. Stephen Bannon, another former Goldman Sachs banker, was named by Trump as his Chief Strategist in the White House.

But it was Harris’s chance to meet big Wall Street names: Democratic donor Nicolas Rohatyn, Blackstone’s Bennett Goodman,

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Lloyd Blankfein: So Many Goldman Sachs Alums in Trump Admin Is ‘Inconvenience’ Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein speaks at the Clinton Global.

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While America’s corporate press remains singularly obsessed with unproven and likely fabricated Russia-collusion conspiracy theories, Wall Street’s well on its way to getting away with financial murder thanks to an army of cronies embedded within the Trump administration. Indeed, Goldman Sachs running Donald Trump’s economic policy is perhaps the most concerning aspect of his Presidency when it.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. once the king of proprietary trading. For years, banks’ complaints fell largely on deaf ears.

The volcker rewrite marks a major victory for Wall Street, especially Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which has lobbied.

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From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression — and they’re about to d The Great American Bubble Machine – Rolling.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein: I Like What President Trump Has Done For The Economy | CNBC With Cohn’s appointment, Trump now had three Goldman Sachs alums in top positions inside his administration: Steve Bannon, who was a vice president at Goldman when he left the firm in 1990, as.