Here’s how Chinese homebuyers are reshaping U.S. housing

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Homebuyers from China are pulling back in the U.S. housing market. CNBC’s Diana Olick reports on the impact. Chinese buyers are pulling out of the US housing market, here’s why. Here’s a good rule of thumb, though: If you live in a city (or for our purposes below, a county) with high housing costs, your market will likely get more expensive.

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"The U.S. real estate market has always been out there as a risk diversifier [for Chinese millionaires and billionaires] who are quite aware about the potential for a bust in China," Wachter says.

The cost of China · Good article! What I found in my area is that most of the Chinese buyers are first time home buyers in the U.S. They also need assistance with getting acclimated with the local culture. Going beyond just the real estate transactions has brought me more referrals.

 · This week, NHC had the opportunity to discuss housing affordability with Neil Cavuto on his show Cavuto: Coast to Coast.Earlier in the day, Cavuto reported a growing withdrawal from housing investments by Chinese and other foreign investors and recent dips in housing prices in cities like London, New York and San Francisco.

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In September 2011 alone, work commenced on 1.2 million units across China; a 70% increase in the construction of social housing compared with 2010 construction. By 2014, Chinese builders have added 100 billion square feet of housing space in China, equating to 74 square feet per person. Construction of urban housing was a major undertaking.

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