Home Depot piggybacks off housing recovery

The Home Depot, Inc. HD posted top- and bottom. experience and driving productivity seems to be paying off. Further, it continued to reap the benefits of a steady housing-market recovery and strong.

based Home Depot (HD – Get Report. hotline to locate folks who talk people down off of bridges. At that time, Pattinson painted such a bleak picture of the housing market, I was not sure we would.

The world’s largest home-improvement retailer is among the leading decliners in a sharply lower retail sector, buffeted by fears that fragile consumer budgets and overall confidence could further.

The Home Depot Inc. HD has been witnessing solid momentum, having outpaced the industry and the S&P 500 in the past six months. Improving job scenario, housing market recovery. growth rate of 27.5%.

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How Home Depot, Lowe’s, and the Housing Recovery Are Faring. In other words, if rising interest rates threaten to choke off a recovery, the Federal Reserve will take action to help sustain.

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Home Warm weather, housing recovery boost Home Depot’s 4Q earnings. Real Estate Warm weather, housing recovery boost Home Depot’s 4Q earnings. Home Depot piggybacks off housing recovery.

For the Housing Market, A Home Depot Recovery. Is the nation’s biggest fixer-upper leading or following the housing market? Alex Klein reports on good earnings and omens in American real-estate.

That enthusiasm has helped housing-related stocks outperform the market by a healthy margin this year. The SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF, which includes the likes of Toll Brothers and KB Home along with.

Off-Campus vs. On-Campus Housing | UC Berkeley Lowe’s Annual EPS Growth The general economic recovery and 6-year stock is producing extra income and disposable income for consumers. As the housing market. Lowe’s stock sold off 4.6% on May 20th.

Housing Recovery Helps Home-Improvement Firms Avoid Retail Blues Among the biggest gainers are Lowe’s Cos. and Home Depot Inc., which are up 20% and 15.4% this year, respectively

Home Depot CEO Frank Blake said the company benefited from "a continued recovery in the housing market," as well as a boost to sales and repairs in areas hit by Hurricane Sandy. Investors on StockTwits were particularly impressed with Home Depot’s same store sales growth, a measure of sales at stores open at least one year.