Investors Unite to Johnson-Crapo: You shall not pass!

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No, Waiting for ObamaCare to Implode is Not an Option Either.. That means there is a period from April 1st, 2017 until October 1st, 2017 without a financing mechanism. Hence, Secretary Mnuchin tells congress they need to raise the debt ceiling April 1st, to cover their own previously authorized and approved federal spending..

You Shall Not Pass. Ald. John Arena parked his car in front of a bulldozer to stop construction crews from closing a road in his ward in order to put up a digital billboard.. Investors concerned with Chicago’s major pension shortfalls are growing wary of investing in the city. April 02, 2015.

Good news: Radian reports drop in delinquent mortgages "Radian is a very cheap stock at $3.50, one of the few," investment manager Laszlo Birinyi told Bloomberg News this morning. Radian says it expects to keep insuring Fannie and Freddie mortgages following the government takeover, says CreditSights, adding that radian credit ratings could still drop further.Making vacant houses look less vacant — with decals? Making vacant houses look less vacant – with decals?. 20% of foreclosures remain vacant after owner departs Florida foreclosures are still making the record books: a new report from RealtyTrac reveals that the State of Florida has more than FIVE times the number of vacant foreclosure homes.

You may not have the opportunity to evaluate our investments before we make them, which makes your investment more speculative. You will be unable to evaluate the economic merit of our note investments before we invest in them and will be entirely relying on the ability of Tulsa Founders, LLC, our Manager, to select our investments.

Mortgage-Backed Securities Litigation: New Theories, New Defendants Pursuing and Defending Investors, Issuers, Underwriters and Other Stakeholders in MBS Claims. Bransten extends finding to all deals No Default Rep includes borrower misreps. mbia settles with Flagstar – $110 mm paid May 6:.

California homes sales drop CA – Home prices fell across California last month with some major housing markets experiencing the first year-over-year drop in prices since the start of the recovery, according to a report by the.

Investors Unite opposes not just Johnson-Crapo but the whole of the current terms of Fannie and Freddie’s bailout agreement with the government that forces the firms to send all of their profits.

More than 28% of US homeowners underwater on their mortgage Housing recovery sustained with 4.3% uptick in prices "With a nearly 30% increase in housing starts compared to June of last year, the residential market recovery is here, and it is strong and sustainable," said Peter Ciganik, managing director of.Traditionally, you had to have enough equity in your home to refinance. Many of the 28. mortgage rate environment, this could potentially assist many underwater homeowners in lowering their.

The Senate will probably pass these changes. But it may not. Either way, the original Senate bill has now been passed by both houses. It will be sent to President Obama, and he will sign it. It’s.

Consumer advocate ralph nader, CapWealth Advisor CEO Tim Pagliara and dozens of GSE shareholders from 20 states want GSE reform that guarantees shareholder rights, and reject Johnson-Crapo as.