Is Seattle about to do away with single-family zoning?

Housing Policy. Oregon Becomes First State to Ditch Single-Family Zoning State lawmakers end the legislative sessions by passing a bill that will allow for denser housing construction across the.

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For example San Jose, the center of Silicon Valley, designates a whopping 94 percent of its land for single family zoning, according to the Times. Credit: New York Times

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By doing away with single-family zoning, the city takes on high rent, long commutes, and racism in real estate in one fell swoop.

A draft housing affordability report leaked tuesday morning has stirred attention with recommendations that include pushing the city away from single. 65 percent of Seattle’s property is zoned for.

Today’s housing column focuses on a topic that sounds boring but is pivotal to understanding the local housing market: zoning. Specifically, how much of Seattle. single-family neighborhoods to.

 · This afternoon, Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat had an excellent, but inartfully headlined, scoop: Mayor Ed Murray’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda committee (HALA-rhymes with balla) could, according to a draft plan leaked to Westneat, recommend doing away with the label “single-family zoning” and replacing it with the more inclusive “low-density residential.

City of Seattle Zoning Codes for Real Estate (Land lots zoned in Seattle, Washington city limits) single family zoning (lots zoned single Family) SF 9600 – Single-family 9,600 SF 7200 – Single Family 7,200 SF 5000 – Single Family 5,000 (SF 5000 means one single family home per 5,000 sq ft of land)

The big take away is that there is no single family zoning here (Zero is, in fact, the correct amount of single family zoning – there is no single family zoning *anywhere* in Germany. Or Austria.

As cities across the country contend with an affordable-housing crisis that has led to gentrification and homelessness, few have been willing to take on single-family zoning, a way of living that is fiercely protected by neighborhood groups. Portland, Ore., is working on a plan to allow fourplexes in nearly all single-family neighborhoods, and Seattle is considering rezoning 6 percent of its single-family neighborhoods to include more housing.