MBA: Commercial mortgage debt increases to $2.68 trillion

Commercial/multifamily mortgage debt outstanding increased by 0.1% in the second quarter, the first quarterly increase since the third quarter of 2009, according to new data released by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). The $2.4 trillion in commercial/multifamily mortgage debt outstanding was $3.5 billion higher than in the first quarter.

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That is a 1.4 percent increase over the fourth quarter of 2017, according to MBA’s latest Commercial/Multifamily mortgage debt outstanding report. total commercial/multifamily debt outstanding rose to.

The level of commercial/multifamily mortgage debt outstanding decreased in the first quarter, to $3.31 trillion, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) analysis of the. rose to $852.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Delinquency rates continued to tick up in the third quarter for most commercial/multifamily mortgage investors, but remained at the low end of their historical ranges, according the third quarter Commercial/Multifamily Delinquency Report from the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).

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Total commercial/multifamily debt outstanding stood at $2.68 trillion at the end of the first quarter. Multifamily mortgage debt outstanding rose to $989 billion, an increase of $20.6 billion, or.

Commercial and multifamily mortgage debt increased by $46 billion in the fourth quarter of 2016, a 1.6% increase from the third quarter and a 5.8% increase year-over-year, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Commercial and multifamily debt outstanding hit a total of $2.96 trillion at the end of the fourth quarter.

Commercial/multifamily mortgage debt nears .5 trillion outstanding commercial and multifamily debt grew by $45.4 billion in first-quarter 2019, or 1.3% more than the volume of debt in the prior quarter, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).

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"The appetite among lenders and investors for commercial and multifamily mortgages grew during the fourth quarter," said Jamie Woodwell, MBA’s vice. to reach $1.6 trillion. Meanwhile, outstanding.