Tennessee attorney gets 33 months for embezzling $2 million from title company

The CEO of a Tennessee company that sold knee, wrist and back braces has been federally indicted for allegedly paying more than $1.2 million in bribes to sales representatives who referred her.

Lending Real Estate Tennessee attorney gets 33 months for embezzling $2 million from title company Moved escrow funds into company’s business accounts, used money to buy a boat

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SAN DIEGO-Donald V. Totten, an unlicensed mortgage broker who operated a mortgage brokerage business from Rancho Santa Fe, was indicted today by a federal grand jury on charges that he obtained $2.2 million in mortgage loans using false information and then siphoned off hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sale of the properties.

Legal advice on Criminal charges for embezzlement in Tennessee. Read 2 attorney answers . Q&A. Asked in Nashville, TN | Oct 26, Shortly after me and my wife split and when I went to file for divorce last month she threatened me with embezzlement charges? So I got scared and didn’t file.

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Lori Lynn Andrew, 49, Cashmere, Washington, the owner of Hartman Escrow, Inc., a real estate escrow firm was sentenced today to 24 months in prison for bank fraud.. andrew stole more than $2.1 million through a variety of techniques, including making false entries in escrow closing documents, altering accounting records, and depositing checks into the general account instead of the trust account.

White-Collar Crime News and. Cupertino Man Convicted of Embezzling More Than $7.5 Million in Donated funds. illinois resident convicted at Trial in South Florida for Carrying Out a $2.

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Last week, a former InSouth bank employee was indicted for embezzling nearly $1 million. The two-count indictment alleges Lauren "Melissa" McDivitt, who was an assistant vice president, stole $810,264.10 from Jan. 27, 2006 through Sept. 2, 2013 and Nov. 13, 2013 through Dec. 23, 2016.

State News-Tennessee; Tennessee banker gets 3-year sentence in $1m embezzlement. for embezzling about $1 million and using it to gamble online and pay personal debts. A U.S. attorney news.

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